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Colin Farrell added to Fright Night remake

The upcoming remake of the ’80s vampire film Fright Night just got a fat dose of “resurrection” metaphors: Colin Farrell will add another verse to his career redemption song by taking on the role made popular (?) in the first film by Chris Sarandon, playing a charismatic vampire who terrorizes the horror-film-loving boy next door (Anton Yelchin). As Deadline notes, Farrell has been extra careful with his choices ever since slowly reentering critical good graces with In Bruges and Crazy Heart, and his choosing Fright Night—as well as Horrible Bosses, a New Line comedy from The King Of Kong director Seth Gordon—is all part of his plan to get back in with the major studios. And despite our reservations about a Fright Night remake in the first place (to be helmed by Craig “Mr. Woodcock” Gillespie, for one thing), there’s no question that if you were casting about for “sleazy dudes you wouldn’t want anywhere near your mom or girlfriend,” Colin Farrell would definitely fit the bill.


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