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Coldplay’s new album is coming out soon, and Beyoncé is on it

Coldplay, once more drenched in the blood of favela children (Credit: Julia Kennedy)

Continuing its mission to remain a fixture in the pop-music world, despite actual instruments now being considered a relic of a bygone era, Coldplay has announced a new album. Called A Head Full Of Dreams, the record is coming out December 4, and will probably be immediately downloaded by people eager to sit in their cars and blast the songs while a rainbow slowly begins to peek out from behind the rainclouds of sadness holding them down. In addition to four soulful white guys, the album will feature a guest appearance from Beyoncé, because that’s a thing that is possible on the level in which this band is operating, and Coldplay is not stupid. Other guests include Noel Gallagher, Tove Lo, and Merry Clayton.

The 12 tracks were produced by Norwegian hit-making duo Stargate (Rihanna’s “Rude Boy,” Queen Bey’s “Irreplaceable”) and the band is apparently very psyched about the recording process, saying they “never enjoyed making a record more than this one.” That could imply it always sucks, and this time sucked less, but probably not. You can hear the new single, which sounds more like the Bee Gees than Coldplay, below.

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