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Cold hard bitchin' Australian rock band Jet breaks up

An okay band responsible for one of the best rock singles of the '00s, Aussie group Jet has called it quits. A statement announcing the break-up cited the members' desire "to pursue separate creative endeavors," but Jet's profile has gone down steadily since its 2003 debut Get Born became one of the best-selling albums in Australian history. Never a critical favorite, Jet has one claim to greatness: The band's best-known song, "Are You Gonna Be My Girl," was the "My Sharona" of the '00s, a big, dumb blast of simple-minded riffage that sounded killer coming out of car stereos (and iPod commercials, which helped to popularize the band). After Get Born spawned other hits like "Cold Hard Bitch" and "Rollover DJ," Jet released Shine On in 2006 and Shaka Rock in 2009. The band's discography is hardly distinguished, but "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" will keep Jet alive in commercials and Totally '00s compilations for years to come. [via Spinner]

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