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Colbert took his own swing at Trump’s anti-transgender bathroom decision

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Donald Trump kept the No-Empathy Express that is his presidency right on track yesterday, repealing the protections put in place by President Barack Obama that allowed transgender students to use school bathrooms that matched their gender identity. And while the righteous anger of TV comedians isn’t going to be all that much help to the scared kids now faced with a distressingly literal life-or-death decision every time they have to piss, it does provide a certain respite to the angry gut.


Stephen Colbert’s Late Show opened with one such burst of on-screen rage tonight, in the form of the above cartoon, a short-but-sweet jab at Trump’s regressive policies. Meanwhile, comedian and TV producer Rhea Butcher made her own statement about the damage Trump’s decision has done and will do to America’s kids; you can read Butcher’s reflections over here.

[via Deadline]

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