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Colbert and The Late Show are coming back to TV next Monday

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As we all continue to collectively work out what the hell “normal” might mean in a world that feels anything but, not even the glowing happiness box known as TV has been immune to the forces of change. And although it’s since spread to the live-action television industry as a whole, the late-night talk shows were some of the first TV series to face series production problems during the coronavirus epidemic, thanks to filming structures that (normally) rely on bringing hundreds of people together every day to produce regular doses of TV. But they’ve also been some of the first shows to find a way to get back to normal—for a value of normal that includes watching Stephen Colbert broadcast from his living room, at least.


Colbert became just the latest host to announce that he’ll be headed back to TV next week, and, like Conan, Fallon, Samantha Bee, and more before him, he’ll be doing so from the relative comforts of his own home. Per THR, Late Show will resume production on Monday, with Colbert interviewing celebrities via remote video feeds, presumably so he can ask them about all the nothing they’ve currently got going on. Colbert’s not the only CBS host coming back, either, at least in the short-term: Although The Late Late Show has yet to set a return date of its own, host James Corden will be heading up a primetime special on Monday night, mixing up interviews with the likes of Billie Eilish and Will Ferrell with information about how viewers can help raise money for the CDC Foundation and Feed The Children.

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