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This will probably be more fun if you read it all in your head with a general “Pasties and a G-String (At the Two O’Clock Club)”/“Step Right Up” kind of energy. Twitter user @tkretchmar put Pizza Rat, Doughnut Rat, Nutella Squirrel, Avocado Rat, and various and sundry animals carrying human foods out of business when he shared this video late this morning:


That is a large roach with a large butt. Perhaps he’s training to work as a prison smuggler, like on Orange Is The New Black. Maybe he just watched Russian Doll and loves the way Natasha Lyonne says “kakaroach” so he wants to go as Nadia for Halloween and this is his costume. Maybe, like this writer, he could have sworn there was a scene where a cockroach (or kakaroach) smoked a cigarette in Beetlejuice and thought it was a good look; if that is the case, nobody tell him that it seems as if no such scene exists.

Anyway, that’s a big-ass kakaroach, lugging a cigarette butt across a grate. Good luck, little guy. Happy Friday.

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