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"Cocaine Mitch" McConnell is out here firing off Narcos memes

Last week, we reported on a bizarre campaign ad from ex-coal company CEO and ex-con Don Blankenship who introduced the phrases “China family” and “Cocaine Mitch” into our lexicon. Thankfully, Blankenship, who campaigned on a pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro-xenophobia, anti-Mitch McConnell platform, conceded the West Virginia Senate primary last night after garnering only 19% of the vote. But, just when you thought an ounce of normality or civility had been injected into 2018 politics, “Cocaine Mitch” is out here clapping back at Blankenship with a Narcos meme.

The simulation is broken. We are in the worst timeline.

Now, no one should be under the impression that Mitch McConnell was hunched over a computer last night, frantically photoshopping his face onto a cocaine-speckled ad for a Netflix series. This was obviously the work of some social media savvy member of Team Mitch who thought conflating the Senate Majority Leader with the world’s most notorious drug kingpin would be really good optics. But it still speaks to where we are as a country that any of this seemed like a good idea to anybody.


You know it’s a questionable political move when even the official account for said Netflix show thinks you may have gone too far:

Still, kudos to Mitch McConnell’s team for attempting the old “How do you do, fellow kids?” routine while simultaneously looking incredibly petty. It’s an impressive maneuver that will assuredly be outdone by some other insane bullshit later this week.

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