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We weren’t especially hot on the second season of YouTube Premium’s Karate Kid follow-up Cobra Kai, which traded the first season’s self-awareness about how doofy two California dads’ middle-aged karate feud actually was for something much more melodramatic and serious. Still, it does remain the only YouTube Premium show we could immediately name if someone suddenly asked us—especially now that Champaign, ILL, is gone—and so it’s not entirely surprising that the online video supplier has given the series a nod for a third season on the air.


This is per Variety, which also notes that consumers forced to live their lives outside the gentle aegis of YouTube Premium will soon be able to watch the series as well, with the Google subsidiary announcing that it’ll soon start running the show for free with ads. The show’s entire first season will run subscription-free from August 29 to September 11, after which the second will begin debuting, episode-by-episode, in subsequent weeks.

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