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According to Variety, underutilized Marvel Cinematic Universe player Cobie Smulders has found a new comic book adaptation to work on now that Maria Hill has been snapped into Thanos dust. This time, the thing being adapted is Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth’s Stumptown, which is about a private investigator living in Oregon who has been hired to find the missing daughter of a casino mogul in exchange for having her many gambling debts forgiven. Smulders will be playing Dex Parios, the aforementioned P.I., who Variety describes as a “strong, assertive, and unapologetically sharp-witted army veteran,” and Smulder is apparently getting a “substantial payday” for the project. That’s not really relevant to us, but hey, good for her.


ABC is developing the project, which is still just a pilot at this point. If it goes to series, it’ll be Smulders’ first regular network TV gig since How I Met Your Mother. Rucka and Southworth are on board as executive producers, though the pilot will be written by Jason Richman.

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