After years of wading through desert conditions, a shirtless Danny DeVito, and great lakes of molly-tinged vomit, Coachella has finally found one thing that's made it consider moving out of Indio: a tax initiative recently proposed by a city councilmen that demands an extra five to 10 percent tax on admissions fees to events with more than 2,500 attendees. Naturally, Coachella falls squarely within those parameters, which means the festival's organizers, balking at inflating the ticket prices any more than they already have over the years, are threatening that Coachella 2013 could be its last within the valley, saying that if the measure makes it onto the November ballot, they would then simply take 2014 off before relocating Coachella a completely new location in 2015. According to the Desert Sun, that potentially means Coachella could remain Coachella in name only and move into neighboring La Quinta or other land owned by Riverside County, both of which have already been looked into as possible new hosts. But a quick check confirms that both locations have horrible fucking deserts, so don't worry. [via L.A. Weekly]