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Numerous networks will air President Barack Obama’s final State Of The Union address tonight, and they will likely do so in a very straightforward manner without too much thought given to aesthetics. But the fusty, formal traditions surrounding the annual speech and the fusty formality of Washington in general lend themselves quite easily to the inimitable, quirky visual style of twee auteur Wes Anderson, as demonstrated by CNN senior reporter Chris Moody and producer Alex Rosen in a clever new video. Moody narrates the video in the classic deadpan Anderson style, explaining what the State Of The Union is, how it came to be that way, and what viewers should expect to see when they tune in tonight. There is a lot of good civics-class-type information here, but Moody and Rosen take time to highlight some Anderson-esque details as well, like the little underground train that runs directly into the Capitol.


The video seems to take most of its cues directly from The Royal Tenenbaums. There is a parody, for instance, of the montage from that film in which all the main characters are shown primping and prepping at the beginning of the story. Here, instead of Gwyneth Paltrow and Luke Wilson, it’s Paul Ryan and the Supreme Court. Joe Biden, meanwhile, is humorously identified as “Uncle Joe.” Arguably the comedic highlight of the video arrives when it’s time for the Republican response: Bobby Jindal strides out, in graceful slow motion, to the strains of “These Days” by Nico. Rarely have America’s weird political traditions been presented with such panache.

[via Laughing Squid]

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