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CNN, NPR rebuff Bush assassination film

The controversy over the Bush assassination film Death Of A President, set to open Friday on roughly 100 screens, has now extended to outlets refusing to run any ads or sponsor announcements that promote the movie. Though the film may come up as a news or editorial story, CNN and National Public Radio have both rebuffed advertising/promotional monies, but for different reasons. CNN has joined Regal and Cinemark theaters in finding the film's premise offensive and "extreme"; NPR, which doesn't take ads but accepts sponsor announcement, has the taken the more sophisticated stand that its plans to cover the film as a news story might cause confusion among its listeners.

Either way, those looking to see D.O.A.P. on Friday can find complete theaters listings here. (This may be the one case in which viewers in places like Atoka, Tennesee and Nitro, West Virginia will enjoy a cultural advantage over a handful of major cities.)


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