CNN is set to debut a new documentary series called Chicagoland, about the inner workings of Chicago’s government. The eight-part series executive produced by Robert Redford was screened at Sundance this weekend, ahead of its March 6 premiere. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Chicagoland is shot in HD and has the polished look of a reality series and the feel of documentary/soap hybrid. The real-life drama offers a glimpse of the novel style of news storytelling that [CNN president Jeff] Zucker is embracing.” Chicagoland joins CNN’s two other unscripted series, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and Morgan Spurlock’s Inside Man.

Created by documentary filmmakers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin (Brick City), the series focuses on Chicago’s polarizing Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Levin and Benjamin shot footage during an eight-month period in which the city's murder rate decreased, but while Rahm was earning criticism for shutting down schools in an effort to close budget gaps. Given that The A.V. Club offices are also in Chicago, we’re expecting a phone call from CNN any day now for the sequel docu-series about our comment boards.