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Clueless to become a musical, because Amy Heckerling isn’t stupid

Now that the fashions from Clueless have gone from trendy to horrifying back to trendy again, it’s time to dust off the old girl, put her in a pair of platform go-go boots and a polka-dot crop sweater, and send her back out into the world. One way to do that might be a remake, but considering this generation’s Stacey Dash has yet to be found—and possibly because theater tickets are generally more expensive than movie tickets—director Amy Heckerling is turning her film into a musical instead.

Heckerling, who previously adapted Clueless into a TV series that ran from 1996 to 1999, told Entertainment Tonight that she’s already written the book for the play. She also describes the stage version of Clueless as a “jukebox musical,” meaning that there’s a good chance theatergoers will be treated to a number where Cher and Dionne cruise down Rodeo Drive an a white Jeep as plaid-clad extras belt out Jill Sobule’s “Supermodel.” The mind boggles.


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