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Clothes are a thing of the past, Dating Naked season 3 is a thing of the future

Proving that viewers want to see stripped romance down to its fleshy core, VH1 has renewed Dating Naked following a jump in the show’s ratings. Deadline reports the reality series—which features a substantial amount of eye contact, given the circumstances—was renewed for a third season just days ahead of the season two finale.

The first season of Dating Naked paired heterosexual couples in the buff who, free of distractions like clothes and phones, got down to the business of romancing each other on camera. The second season, Dating Naked: Playing For Keeps, mirrored real-life dating even more closely by having different nude people compete weekly for a spot on an island with two main naked daters. Despite their lack of clothing, the contestants have managed to keep secrets from each other. All that nude drama could be what drew in series-high ratings for the show this year.


Now, this is all well and good for any would-be lovers who want to expose themselves—emotionally and otherwise—on national television (and casting is open). But what of the contestant who sued the show for failing to consistently blur her genitals? That lawsuit was dismissed earlier this year after a judge agreed with Viacom that you can’t take a network executive at their word—you have to get everything in writing.

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