Please, please, please be in a Bollywood movie, George Clooney, just so people can see what the hell happens. Clooney reportedly said in a recent interview that he'd be up for appearing in a regular old Indian song-and-dance production:

"I'd love to. There are some filmmakers whose films when you see you say: That could be an interesting story to tell," Clooney said in an interview to the private CNN-IBN channel.

"I was watching a film the other day and the music was just amazing. It's become such a huge industry," Clooney said.


Quick, think of all the things Clooney's done in movies that he wouldn't be allowed to under India's censorship laws (do they allow fingernail pulling?). Maybe if the brow-furrowing-political-movies thing doesn't work out, he can use his pull to start a whole new subgenre in American film. (Pure conjecture, of course, but it's kind of amusing to imagine.)