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Clones get their Rambo on in first Star Wars: The Bad Batch teaser

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Screenshot: YouTube

As Disney continues to roll out new Star Wars content this afternoon—like some sort of big, space-based government of autocratic intent—it was careful to serve up a bit of selectively carved red meat for the fans who’ve kept its animated Wars offerings going for all these years. Specifically, the company showed off a brief-but-kinetic trailer for Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a special-forces-focused sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Introduced (formally, after years of development hell) as part of The Clone Wars’ revived final season, The Bad Batch are a group of Clone Troopers who came out of the Kamino cloning program different than their various brothers, and thus form an elite squad of outsider soldiers. Also, at least one of them totally looks like Rambo, so that’s cool.

Also cool: The trailer, which is set in a distinctive vibe of “darker Star Wars shit” that we’re always kind of suckers for. (Among other things, we get shots of Grand Moff Tarkin talking up the elite squadron, and Palpatine making the final transition from the Republic to the First Galactic Empire.)


The Bad Batch is currently listed as “coming soon” to Disney+.

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