Here’s some good news for music fans: One of history’s greatest songwriters may soon be making a comeback, despite having been murdered in 1980. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a memorabilia collector in the United Kingdom bought a four-inch lock of John Lennon’s hair at a recent auction for about $35,000. Obviously, that’s on a level of creepiness all to its own, so rather than assume that this collector is going to use the hair to build a Hey Arnold-like monument to his obsession with John Lennon, we’re going to assume that he has obtained the hair simply so that he can create a perfect clone of the former Beatle.

The details of this plan depend on the limits of modern cloning technology, but it’s probably safe to assume the clone won’t have the accelerated aging thing that sci-fi clones do. That means it’ll probably be another couple of decades or so before John Lennon 2 can actually start making new music. That’s also assuming he doesn’t reject his legacy and become an electrician or something, but the British government will probably have a system in place to ensure that the clone is given as little autonomy as possible. (That may sound barbaric, but it’s for the good of the human race and/or the music industry that the new John Lennon starts pumping out hit albums as soon as possible.)