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Illustration for article titled Cloakroom make the most of dissimilar parts on “Asymmetrical”

Indiana’s Cloakroom is made, almost exclusively, from dissimilar parts. The trio pulls influence from the dreary ambience of shoegaze, the downtrodden vocals of David Bazan, and the space-rock riffing of Hum. It’s fitting that Hum frontman Matt Talbot recorded the band’s debut full-length Further Out, as his all-analog approach reflects both Cloakroom’s influences and the band’s otherworldly ambitions. The A.V. Club is premiering “Asymmetrical” in advance of Further Out’s release on January 20, and the song proves that Cloakroom can take all these disparate influences and turn them into a sound wholly its own. The band will play a record release show February 7 at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago, with support from the long-running sludge-metal band Sweet Cobra, the shoegazers in Carbonleak, as well as Planetsexploder. Tickets for that go on sale Friday, and pre-orders for Further Out can still be had courtesy of Run For Cover Records.


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