(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Gabriel Olsen)

One of the exciting benefits of the horror genre is that pretty much anybody could come up with a great idea for a movie, it’s just a matter of getting someone to pay attention. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s exactly what horror icon Clive Barker is going to do through a new Project Greenlight Digital Studios initiative called “Reel Fear.” Later this month, Barker will be holding a contest where aspiring horror filmmakers can submit a one-to-three minute pitch for an original horror movie, and—after a few rounds of voting—the best pitch will get $300,000 to get them started on making their dream project.

The contest begins on February 13 and runs until March 17, and interested filmmakers can go to the Project Greenlight website to submit their pitch. The Hollywood Reporter story doesn’t lay out any real guidelines about what you can submit, but it would probably still be a waste of time if your horror movie pitch is just “real life” or “Donald Trump is president now.” Those are pretty scary, but you should put in more effort than that.