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Clint Eastwood's family will star in a reality show

Having spent the past half-century dabbling in acting, directing, and amateur jazz piano, Clint Eastwood is at last getting serious about fame, with TMZ reporting that the Eastwood family will be the subject of a reality show from Bunim/Murray, the production company behind The Real World and various Kardashian receptacles. The series—expected to air within the next several months on E!, which we realize is redundant to note—will explore life as “Hollywood royalty” through the everyday experiences and surprisingly dramatic arcs of Eastwood’s wife Dina, daughter Morgan, and other daughter Francesca, aspiring actress and probable motivation for this entire concept. According to the report, Clint Eastwood himself has agreed to “a couple of cameos,” hopefully strolling into a scene mid-banal-argument, squinting until there is absolute silence, and then hissing out a sharp, poignant sigh before exiting stage left.


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