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Clint Eastwood's drama about the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing gets its first trailer

Screenshot: Richard Jewell (YouTube)

Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell, a drama about the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing, explores how the titular character, who discovered the bomb before it detonated and helped clear out the park, was vilified in the aftermath after being labeled a suspect by the FBI and the media. It’s a timely story in an era that’s becoming defined by the words “fake” and “news.”

Paul Walter Hauser, who made a splash in 2017's I, Tonya, stars as Richard, who turns to an anti-establishment lawyer played by Sam Rockwell as the walls begin closing in on him. Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde co-star in the film, which opens on December 13.


Watch the trailer below. 

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