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Clint Eastwood may act again after all

Although Clint Eastwood suggested around the time of Gran Torino that he wanted audiences to remember him as an ornery old coot who loves muscle cars but really hates Asians, it now seems he may be talked into one last on-screen turn in a slightly more sympathetic role. Eastwood is reportedly interested in taking the lead in Trouble With The Curve, in which he would play an aging baseball scout who embarks on a road trip with his daughter, shooting at Asians. No, ha ha, that would be counterproductive. Instead, they most likely come to some sort of hard-won understanding about family and/or life. All we really know is that the film would mark the directorial debut of Robert Lorenz, Eastwood’s longtime producing partner and assistant director, which could be enough to lure Eastwood back in front of the cameras. And after all, Eastwood has some unexpected downtime now that his A Star Is Born remake has been delayed by Beyoncé’s pregnancy—as once again, her unborn child is already reshaping our future.


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