If you are old and have punched someone on camera before, Avi Lerner has a job for you. The producer’s latest exploding elderflower The Expendables 2 hasn’t even opened yet, but already he tells Total Film that talks have begun regarding The Expendables 3, and all the other aging action stars who might prove to the young’uns that—when it comes to building upon decades of established work in the action movie genre—men who are old enough to have done that are better than men who are not. Among the names Lerner says he’s talked to: Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage, and Wesley Snipes, each boasting their own particular set of stipulations and relative likelihood of actually being a part of it. For what it’s worth, Cage is reportedly a lock, likely because Lerner has convinced him he was already in the first two. Snipes, meanwhile, would be joining once he’s released from prison, on the condition that he isn’t too busy filming the Blade sequel that he’s been holding meetings on nightly, with a team of producers he fashioned out of soap and purloined cafeteria spoons.

And of course, both Eastwood and Ford are slightly less of a sure thing, given that, grumble grumble, they sure as hell don’t need this, and would this role require them to talk to other people? etc. However, Lerner seems to believe you can expect some combination of that roster to appear alongside returning stars from the second film, and possibly even Mickey Rourke (“If he won’t be too crazy,” Lerner added, all but assuring that Rourke won’t return and will give several snotty interviews about it). “We’ve already begun reaching out to the bones of Steve McQueen and the John Wayne hologram”—Avi Lerner, The Expendables 4 interview, 2014.