As part of the continuous mapping of the adult psyche, Paddington Bear and Clifford The Big Red Dog are due to be adapted to feature films where live-action human beings confront CGI distortions of images from their childhood, with the disparity between the two illustrating the way growing up eventually makes everything you once loved look fake and hollow. Harry Potter producer David Heyman and The Mighty Boosh director Peter King will handle the "modern take" on the British bear, whose propensity for getting into trouble should lend itself well to the scenes of cartoon characters breaking nice things while people scream at them that are so crucial to the modern family movie, as well as to the elucidation of the subtextual conflict between adults and their suppressed inner child. And a similar formula will no doubt enter into the adaptation of Clifford The Big Red Dog from The Lorax production company Illumination Entertainment, as the book series' running theme of, as Louis C.K. recently put it, "Look how big this dog is" is extrapolated to looking at how big that dog is as he brings chaos yet togetherness to his community, while the audience looks at how big that dog while also taking a hard look at themselves, and questioning when it was they lost their sense of wonder.