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ClickHole will change the way you watch Love Actually

There are many videos out there that proclaim to expose how some beloved film is actually deeply flawed, riddled with plot holes or continuity errors, or the story behind its making is “even more interesting than the film itself.” From Cinema Sins to Honest Trailers to How It Should Have Ended to certain Cracked.com entries, the first time one sees them, they can be amusing and interesting critiques; but soon it becomes evident that much of it is petty nitpickery of the highest order that mistakes minute flubs for something grander and far more damning. Furthermore, they tend to be bound to reality, using “facts” or something “true” to make their points. Luckily, ClickHole knows no such bounds.

The A.V. Club’s sister publication has entered the movie nitpicking fray by changing the way people will watch modern holiday classic Love Actually. Learn how the fictitious behind-the-scenes mayhem ended up leading to one of the most heartwarming romantic comedies in recent years. Or the way the filmmakers drop the ball by revealing Alan Rickman has…two hands?!?! Obviously this is the golden age of the Internet cinephile, especially one who craves such insane stories that are too good to be true because they aren’t true. At all. Well, maybe that one about a scene being based on Hugh Grant’s nightmares; that one actually has an aura of realness to it.


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