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ClickHole has been replaced by PatriotHole

Rejoice, fans of sweet American liberty and haters of that corrupt leftist mainstream media: A.V. Club sister site ClickHole has given up and adopted a new name and mission: PatriotHole. As the patriotic site itself explains:

For three years, ClickHole has brought you the most viral content from all over the internet. But sometime between November 7 and November 9 of last year, we heard a shout. A loud shout. A shout called Real America. And when Real America shouted, it shouted clearly and in ALL CAPS. We listened to that shout, and then we decided we could make money off of that shout. That’s why today, we are proud to present you with PatriotHole: the internet’s last stand against the tyranny of the Leftist Media.


The site is now divided into sections like “The Truth,” “God’s Plan,” “Real Americans,” and “Libertyvision” that feature exclusive must-reads, including “Commander In Strong: These 4 Pictures Of Donald Trump Not Being Attacked By Birds Prove That He Has Utter Dominion Over The Skies” and “The Cost Of Gun Control: This Australian Man Has No Way To Kill Everyone At The Restaurant He Got Fired From.” There’s also a PatriotHole merch page, because that “liberal tears hand towel” is going to make you the envy of every proud conservative you know. There are editorials, videos, and no shortage of life-altering reads like the following:


You can check it all out at the PatriotHole website.


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