After finally getting Raging Bull II in the ring, MGM has made doubly sure that it ain't pretty no more: The studio's recent lawsuit has opened the unauthorized sequel's hole like this, please excuse our French, and made his producer mothers wish they never had it by forcing them to change the already-completed film's title to The Bronx Bull, along with issuing a press release that elucidates that it's in no way related to Martin Scorsese's 1980 original—in case its having a cast in which Tom Sizemore and Bill Bellamy are top-billed did not already make that clear. "The Bronx Bull," of course, is one of boxer Jake LaMotta's other nicknames, and is not, as of press time, the name for a particularly seedy sex act on Urban Dictionary, perhaps involving ending a satisfying act of coitus by William Forsythe suddenly wedging in there to spoon you.