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Clear your calendars, Neil Breen has a new movie coming out

“I’ll be right here.”
Screenshot: twisted-pair-film.com

Neil Breen, a Las Vegas architect by day and the Apollo Creed to Tommy Wiseau’s Rocky Balboa by night, has just announced a new entry into his charmingly low-rent metaphysical outsider cinema oevure. Yesterday, Breen announced his fifth theatrical feature film (emphasis Breen’s), called Twisted Pair, on Twitter:


From what we can tell from the trailer—which isn’t a whole lot, this thing is a surrealist masterpiece all on its own—this is the same “twisted psychological thriller” Breen was raising money for on Gofundme last year. (That campaign ended up raising a total of $7,073, by the way.) Breen promised this film would be “bigger and better” than his earlier work, with a completely different story and footage shot entirely at night for whatever reason.

And hey, who knows? Maybe the green-screen footage, which is the majority of what we see in the trailer, was shot at night. The few location shots all seem to have been. But in terms of mixing up the subject matter, Breen is only halfway there, incorporating his signature techno-paranoiac pseudo-mystical bullshit into a story about—again, this as far as we can tell—a man who, along with his twin brother, gets turned into some sort of cyborg clone. One twin turns out evil, prompting Breen to blow up a room full of laptops (he just can’t stay away from those laptops) and take off for a “virtual metaverse” full of love, peace, and E.T. quotes.

The trailer is available to watch on Breen’s website; it isn’t embeddable, so you’ll have to follow the link to experience its full glory. We’ve also collected some of our favorite screenshots from the trailer below. We really can’t tell you when this thing will be out, but Breen has set up a Facebook page for the film that will presumably post updates on upcoming screenings.


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