Is there another TV show on right now more frequently Tumblr-ed (it’s a verb now!) than Parks And Recreation? There’s Texts From Pawnee, Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson, Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford, and, of course, Parks And Meth, the Breaking Bad/Parks And Rec mash-up site that threatened to cause a singularity and make The A.V. Club explode. Well, add another to the pile: Though it’s not quite as adored as Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights has plenty of fans ’round the ol’ A.V. Club way, so mashing it up with P&R is some link-bait we just can’t refuse. Plus, unlike Parks And Meth, Clear Eyes, Full Parks, Can’t Lose swings both ways, matching stills from FNL with P&R quotes and vice-versa (with helpful citations!). Some highlights below; click through to the site to see more and start planning your Ron Swanson/Tim Riggins slash-fic.