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Clear eyes, full hearts, RENEWED! Friday Night Lights will return

After hinting a couple of weeks ago that the much-loved (around here, anyway) yet perpetually on-the-brink-of-cancellation series Friday Night Lights was likely getting picked up for another season, EW’s Michael Ausiello has committed to the news, saying the done deal will be announced any day now. Even better, the show is coming back for two seasons, most likely to be aired on DirectTV before segueing over to NBC, as was the case with the show’s third season.

Ausiello also says that Adrienne Palicki (Tyra) and Minka Kelly (Lyla) will be leaving the show, but probably not before a multi-episode sendoff like the ones given to Scott Porter (Jason Street) and Gaius Charles (Smash) last season. But never fear, we’ve still got Coach and Mrs. Coach (and, presumably, Riggins and Saracen, even though they’re supposedly college-bound) to keep things interesting in Dillon. 


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