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Classy production company tastefully adapting filthy Anne Rice books

Fifty Shades Of Grey better pack up its bullwhip, because there’s a new red-assed sheriff in popular-depictions-of-BDSM town. Televisa USA has acquired the English-language TV and digital rights to Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy, perhaps best known as the books people who look down on people obsessed with Fifty Shades tuck under their mattresses instead. Televisa USA is best known for Lifetime’s Devious Maids and ABC Family’s Chasing Life, which gives basically no indication about the kind of tone the series could take. But Televisa COO Michael Garcia says he intends to strike while the erotic iron is hot: “On the heels of such boundary-pushing adaptations as Fifty Shades and HBO’s Game Of Thrones, the topics explored in this series are in the zeitgeist and we feel television is finally ready for them,” he says, hopefully indicating that the show will have two to five minutes of dragons whipping each other each season, budget permitting.


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