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Classic rock lives on in the fist-pumping new song by High Spirits

Every manner of rock ’n’ roll revival seems to be underway in 2014. Still, there are never enough bands tapping into the hook-laden, fist-pumping heyday of ’70s/’80s classic rock. High Spirits to the rescue. The band—which is the brainchild of Chicago-based singer-songwriter Chris Black, who brings the chops he’s honed in the metal bands Superchrist and Dawnbringer to High Spirits’ new album, You Are Here. As heard on one of the disc’s catchy standouts, “Reminding You Of Me” (which is being debuted here), Black packs his songs with meaty licks, anthemic vocals, and driving, hard-rock fury. It’s perfect for those who like their rock traditionalism served medium-rare.

You Are Here will be released May 14 via Hells Headbangers.


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