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Classic films made more adorable through the addition of a baby

I usually try to avoid posting too many cute animal/baby-related things here on Great Job Internet, but when an instance of cuteness dovetails so nicely with one of The A.V. Club’s primary interests—in this case, classic film—well, that’s an invitation I’m not going to refuse. Meet Baby Arthur, who has spent the last five months of his relatively short life recreating memorable movie scenes with the help of his mom, freelance writer Emily Cleaver. Arthur may be too young to appreciate (or understand, for that matter) the material he’s recreating, but you can’t deny the kid has a certain flair for embodying, say, the dismay that comes with finding the head of your prized racehorse (slash stuffed giraffe) next to you in bed, or a mental breakdown manifesting itself through mashed-potato sculpture. That, or he’s just an exceptionally mellow infant with a creative/bored mom. Either way, OMG BABY! The site has been overloaded all day, so here are some highlights:


(Rear Window)

(12 Angry Men)



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