It wasn’t all that long ago that a little movie about a bunch of ridiculously named people chasing each other across a desert exploded into theaters, heaping box office rewards and critical praise. After all, it’s been a mere 52 years since Stanley Kramer’s classic It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World introduced the world to characters like Melville Crump, Dingy Bell, and T.G. Culpeper as they raced in planes, cars, and tiny bicycles to uncover Smiler Grogan’s fortune hidden beneath the enigmatic “big W.”

Of course, for viewers with more modern tastes in films, Kramer’s slapstick odyssey might be a bit out of date. So thanks are in order to Ezequiel López, who updated the trailer for the movie, taking dialogue and music cues from its most obvious recent successor, Mad Max: Fury Road. The result is a neat little transformation, with Kramer’s loopy, star-studded comedy becoming the grim, tightly edited It’s A Mad Mad Mad Max: Fury Road. López even manages a few fairly convincing moments of dialogue dubbing, transforming Mickey Rooney into the Valhalla-seeking War Boy we always knew he was meant to be.


It’s a Mad Mad Mad Max Fury Road - Trailer from Zequiodzilla on Vimeo.