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If you have fond memories of maneuvering via arrow keys through monochrome dungeons and evil pixelated fortresses, you’ll probably enjoy SuperPixelQuest, a new digital comic by French artist Emmanuel Espinasse.


Drawn in a slightly grainy black and white style reminiscent of old Macintosh adventure games like Dark Castle or Shadowgate, the animated comic features a grouchy, big-footed protagonist on a quest to get a new lightbulb. Although the journey starts in a small window in the upper left of the screen, the adventure ends up taking our hero through a huge castle, which quickly expands to fill the entirety of the browser window. Along the way, traps, pitfalls, and monsters amusingly bedevil him at every turn, popping open new frames as they go.

SuperPixelQuest only takes about five minutes to “play.” It’s well worth the time if you’re a fan of old-school adventure games or retro-styled animation.

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