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Clash Of The Titans sequel will have that same damn post-conversion to 3-D

Although last year’s Clash Of The Titans swiftly became an example of why 3-D is often little more than a gimmick spawned by Nazis, an undeterred Jonathan Liebesman says that his forthcoming sequel, Wrath Of The Titans, will boast the exact same post-conversion process. However, Liebesman, the Battle: Los Angeles director who took over for Clash helmer Louis Letterier, believes that the difference lies in the intent: "I think what you have to remember is the first film was neither shot nor edited with 3-D in mind," Liebesman said. "It was shot as a 2-D movie and edited as a 2-D film, and they decided to convert it with six or seven weeks to go until release, which is insane; the technology was not there. That's why we're conceiving it from the start, from the ground up, in 3-D, editing in 3-D for 3-D.” As to why 3-D would influence every step of the process except for arguably the most important part, Liebesman says that shooting in the digital format that 3-D requires rather than on film would not afford him the “much grittier, grounded look… almost Gladiator with fantastical creatures in it” sort of style he’s hoping to achieve. Not addressed: Why it needs to be in 3-D at all—but then, we suppose they can’t just come right out and say, “For the higher ticket prices, silly buns."


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