Having previously helped bring a CGI-filled Greek myth to the screen, producer Basil Iwanyk is now turning his eye to epic storytelling from a different era. According to Variety, the Clash Of The Titans producer’s next project will be Ivanhoe, a medieval story of heroism, societal conflict, and presumably CGI battles. Director Iain Softley—whose divergent credits include Hackers, The Skeleton Key, and K-Pax—will helm the film.

Based on Sir Walter Scott’s 1820 novel, Ivanhoe follows a knight who returns from the Crusades. The novel is credited with increasing interest in medievalism, creating the modern conception of Robin Hood, and inventing the name “Cedric.” Given all that cultural impact, it’s surprising the story hasn’t been adapted for the big screen since 1952, but Iwanyk and Softley have decided now is the right time to release the metaphorical Kraken.