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Clarissa Explains It All’s creator chats up the show’s fans 20-odd years later

When Clarissa Explains It All premiered back in 1991, the only real way for fans to express their love for the show to the show was to write a letter. No one knew Nickelodeon’s phone number, and Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were all mere glimmers in their creators’ eyes. But what happened to those hundreds or even thousands of letters that were penned to Clarissa Marie Darling and her wacky Nickelodeon family? And who were the kids that wrote them?

Clarissa creator Mitchell Kriegman set to find out when he wrote Things I Can’t Explain, his new book that follows Darling into the 21st century. In the exclusive clip below, Kriegman tracks down some of the original Clarissa fans who wrote to the show, following up with them now, 20-odd years later, for a chat about how the show affected their lives. It’s pretty cute, fairly endearing, and a good way to get the show’s theme song stuck in your head all over again.


Fan Letters Explained: The Original CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL Fans 20 Years Later from mitchell kriegman on Vimeo.

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