Clarissa Explains It All is coming back—in book form. Things I Can’t Explain is written by the show’s creator, Mitchell Kriegman, and tells the tale of a 23-year Clarissa’s quest to become a real, quirkily dressed adult. The ex-teen is still a journalist, like in CBS’ 1995 ill-fated pilot Clarissa Now, but she’s also trying to have her own apartment, deal with her parents, and wrestle with her feelings for a guy with a girlfriend. So basically, she’s like everyone on Girls, but probably enjoying much less graphic sex.

So far there’s no mention of whether Ferguson or Sam (played by this Sean O’Neal, not The A.V. Club’s Sean O’Neal, thank you very much) will also show up, but would it be a true Clarissa storyline if they didn’t? Also, whither Clifford Spleenhurfer? Has he become the cool indie label owner we all hoped, or did he puss out and become an investment banker?