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Clap your hands if you believe in a Tinker Bell movie that stars Reese Witherspoon

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When does something stop being a trend and starts being an unbreakable habit? And when does an unbreakable habit become the thing that wholly consumes your entire existence? We’re asking because we’re legitimately concerned about our good friend The Walt Disney Company. Over the last few years, it has made—or announced the intention to make—live-action versions of nine of its old cartoons.


Now we can add a 10th, sort of. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Reese Witherspoon is attached to star in Tink, a live-action story about Tinker Bell—not to be confused with Pan, a live-action story about Peter Pan. It’s reportedly being compared to Maleficent and pitched as “the story you don’t know,” and it will somehow “play with the idea and the timeline of the well-known Peter Pan narrative.” We’re guessing that means half of it will be a dramatic, CG-filled Tinker Bell origin story, and the other half will be about the secret adventures Tinker Bell had while Peter Pan was running around with Wendy. Tink doesn’t have a director yet, but Victoria Strouse—who wrote the upcoming Pixar sequel Finding Dory—is putting together the script.

So how many years will it be before we see a live-action remake of Frozen? We’re gonna guess…five. Prove us wrong, Disney. Please.

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