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Claire Denis puts sci-fi project on hold to explore love with Juliette Binoche

(Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Fans of celebrated, genre-spanning director Claire Denis will have to wait a bit to see her tackle the far reaches of space. According to The Playlist, Denis has put her previously announced science fiction feature High Life—which she was working on with English author Zadie Smith and installation artist Oliafur Eliasson—on hold, in favor of a new romance film with French cinema mainstays Juliette Binoche and Gerard Depardieu.

Dark Glasses is based on (and takes its name from) Roland Barthes’ classic A Lover’s Discourse, a collection of musings and sketches of romantic entanglement. Denis’ film will actually be the second time in recent years that Barthes’ book has been given the cinematic treatment; an adaptation of the book, developed as a romantic anthology, came out inHong Kong in 2010. Glasses is expected to film some time this year, at which point Denis—whose other films include modern classics like Beau Travail—will likely return to High Life and its tantalizing visions of a future “beyond the solar system.”


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