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Photo: Matt Cardy (Getty Images)

And now, here’s a heartwarming story of a young girl and her loyalty to a new, friend. Twitter user EmmaKerwin2 posted a video of our tiny protagonist, who we will soon learn is named Claire. After what we can assume was an eventful time outdoors, Claire returned home with a fluffy squirrel. Oh, and the squirrel was very much dead, but that doesn’t seem to faze Claire. In fact, not much seems to faze Claire in the below clip. You may want to have the volume at mid-range for this one.  


All Claire wants to do is take her new friend on a tour of home base, but it’s a little hard to concentrate over the blood-curdling screams and panicked please to “put it outSIIIIIIIDE!” It’s also difficult to determine what makes this video so loop-worthy: the juxtaposition of Claire’s unbothered demeanor and the abject fear of those around her, or Claire briefly considering to comply before ultimately deciding that friendship was thicker than a credible disease threat. Either way, we salute brave Claire while quietly hoping that she got rid of the dead animal and washed her hands.

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