Al Scorch (Photo: Nick Karp)

For years, Chicago-based musician Al Scorch has been the living embodiment of how punk’s spirit has crossed over into other genres of music. Though his music is an amalgam of bluegrass and country, Scorch’s attitude has been that of an energetic punk kid, something that his debut album—out this friday on Bloodshot Records—perfectly captures. The A.V. Club is streaming all of Circle Round The Signs below, which sees Scorch offer up bluegrass barn burners like “Insomnia,” where he plays the country equivalent of thrash-metal on his banjo. Circle Round The Signs is the type of album that gives people plenty to love, while simultaneously sounding distinctly Scorch.

Pre-orders for Circle Round The Sings are available through Bloodshot Records and Scorch’s upcoming tour dates can be found here.