Cinemax is really banking on The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman not being a one-hit wonder in the world of TV. The premium cable network’s adaptation of his Outcast comic book series (which features art from Paul Azaceta) isn’t set to premiere until June 3, but Cinemax has already picked it up for another season. Giving a show two seasons before it even airs isn’t that unusual (Netflix does it a lot), but the fact that Cinemax is renewing Outcast now and not a few months ago or a few months in the future makes it seem like it’s pretty confident in the series.

Outcast—whose pilot was directed by You’re Next and The Guest’s Adam Wingard—stars Patrick Fugit as a guy who pushes everyone in his life away so he can deal with the demonic possessions he has fought against since he was a kid. During his anti-demon quest, he’ll encounter a demon-affected church and Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner, who has some as-yet-unannounced role in the show.


You can see the most recent trailer for Outcast here.

[via Variety]