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Illustration for article titled Cinemax picks up three new action series that are not softcore porn

As we noted back in February, Cinemax is making a concerted effort to pull its pants up and leave the basement, casting aside the softcore thrills of Shannon Tweed marathons (or whoever is her modern equivalent—you tell us!) and remaking itself as a serious pay cable contender by adding its own original, potentially Emmy nomination-garnering series. But judging by some rather astute choices so far, Cinemax definitely still knows its primarily male audience: This month it’s already picked up the terrorist-hunting paramilitary actioner Strike Back, that long-rumored TV adaptation of Luc Besson’s Transporter films, and today, the Ridley and Tony Scott-produced The Sector, which follows an altogether-different paramilitary unit as it battles “a dangerous new race of genetically-enhanced humans.” That primetime concentration on dudes and guns before delving into their usual late-night raunch will all be part of Cinemax’s new “Bros Before Hos” lineup. It won’t be called that, but still—they certainly seem to have found their niche, no?


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