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“Cinematic Montage II” revels in the formula behind modern movie trailers

Modern movie trailers can get the blood pumping, but there’s an undeniable formula–or at least set of tropes–that trailer editors finesse into most blockbuster previews. Dulcet music building to an up-tempo crescendo? Check. Serious-sounding dialogue over dramatic shots of people looking concerned? Check. A gradual increase in action as the music builds, ending in an incomprehensible mess of CGI and quick cuts? Sadly, check.

GameOvais’s “Cinematic Montage II,” a cut of over 300 films into one extended trailer, should be total gibberish–and it is–but the familiar rhythms of modern trailers make it feel almost sensible.


Cinematic Montage II from GameOvais on Vimeo.

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