(Image: CineFix, 8-Bit Cinema)

When you break them down, lots of movies follow the traditional formula from the Mega Man games. Alright, so maybe there aren’t very many films where the hero jumps through doors, defeats enemies to steal their weapons, and then uses those weapons to defeat other enemies, but Marvel’s Doctor Strange actually fits the mold surprisingly well. To illustrate this, CineFix’s 8-Bit Cinema series has created a two-minute version of the Doctor Strange movie using (almost) entirely Mega Man-inspired graphics. Like all videos that try to replicate classic video game imagery, though, this one cheats a fair amount with visual tricks that would be virtually impossible on an actual retro game console, like the spinning backgrounds or those portals, but it’s still a neat video and a nice approximation of the real movie. If only there were an actual Doctor Strange game that looked as fun as this does.