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Church Of Satan fine with Christian Bale's shout-out during Golden Globes

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While accepting his award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy at last night’s Golden Globes, Vice’s Christian Bale thanked Satan for inspiring his turn as Dick Cheney. Most of us understood this reference to the devil as a common turn of phrase, implying that inhabiting the persona of the George W. Bush administration’s vice president required an acquaintance with evil. The Church Of Satan’s pointy little ears, however, perked up at the reference and hurried to give its pentagram-shaped seal of approval to Bale’s speech.


Marking what’s likely to be the first and last time @ChurchofSatan tweets out the easily misread words “Hail Christian!,” the account praises “Mr. Bale’s own talent and skill” in a response that uses the occasion to share a few theological tenants of their media-savvy faith.


The dark masters of the Church’s social media account also added a few kind words for Bale’s performance as Batman, probably because they like how gruff and scary his voice is when he growls at enemies in the Christopher Nolan movies.

Approval from Old Scratch’s earthly followers is nice, but it must also come as something of a relief to Bale and his lawyers. After all, we now live in a world where pop cultural references to the Prince Of Lies can attract unwanted attention from the foulest, most litigious of demons.

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