On its debut, self-titled EP, Brooklyn’s Chumped created six quick hits of pop-punk goodness, its flavors refusing to dilute on repeat listens. Where it’s seemingly common practice for poppy bands with acerbic lyrics to cite Jawbreaker as their chief influence, Chumped finds kinship with Long Island’s Latterman, a band that never deviated from making each song a frenetic sing-along with each turn.

The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Something About Lemons,” Chumped’s standout track. The video (directed by Brian Phares) is the visual equivalent of the band’s music, taking a despondent, fried-Lucky-Charms-eating twentysomething and injecting her with new life via some uproarious pop-punk. The video for “Something About Lemons” is below, and physical copies of Chumped are available from Anchorless Records.